How to Open a Apk File on Pc? – Step by Step Guide

Opening an APK file on your PC allows you to install Android apps without using the Google Play Store. While APK files are mainly meant for Android devices, there are emulators available that let you run these apps on a Windows or Mac computer. With a bit of setup, you can easily open and install APK files on a PC.

Advantages of Opening APKs on PC

There are a few reasons you may want to open an APK file on your computer:

  • Install apps not available on the Play Store: Some apps are limited to certain regions or older versions no longer on the store. APKs let you bypass restrictions.
  • Get early access to app updates: Developers often release APKs before updating the Play Store version. You can get the latest features early.
  • Modify or inspect app code: Opening an APK on a PC lets you see the app files and code. Developers can modify apps or check for security issues.
  • Avoid using up device storage: Large apps or game APKs can take up significant storage space on your phone or tablet. Running them on a PC saves that storage space.

Requirements for Running APKs on PC

To install and run APK files on Windows or Mac, you’ll need:

  • An Android emulator program: Popular options include Bluestacks, NOX Player, MEMU, and Genymotion. These emulate an Android device on your computer.
  • The APK file: You’ll need to download the APK file for the app you want to install. Make sure you get the file from a trusted source.
  • Enabled “Install from unknown sources”: On the emulator, you need to enable installing apps from outside the Play Store. In settings, turn on “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”.

With these covered, you’re ready to start opening APKs!

How to Open a Apk File on Pc

Here is the complete guide to install Apk file on PC

How to Open an APK File on Windows

Here are the step-by-step instructions to open and install an APK file on a Windows PC:

1. Install an Android Emulator

Download and install an Android emulator program like Bluestacks or NOX Player. Run the emulator and complete any required setup.

2. Enable Outside Sources

In the emulator, open Settings and enable “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”. This will let you install APKs.

3. Download the APK File

Get the APK file for the app you want to install. Make sure it is from a trusted source. Save the file somewhere easy to access.

4. Open the APK in the Emulator

You can open the APK in two ways:

  • Drag and drop – Drag the APK file and drop it directly onto the emulator screen. This will open a prompt to install it.
  • Open from File Explorer – In the emulator, open the File Explorer app and navigate to where you saved the APK. Tap the file to begin installation.

5. Install the APK

When prompted, tap “Install” to install the APK file. The app icon will then appear on your emulator’s home screen once installed.

And that’s it! The app is now installed and you can open it from the emulator’s app drawer. Follow the same process to install additional APK files.

How to Open an APK on Mac

Mac users can also install APK files using Android emulators:

1. Install an Emulator

Popular options like Bluestacks and Nox Player are also available for Mac. Install the emulator and complete any required setup.

2. Enable Unknown Sources

As with Windows, you need to enable installation from unknown sources in Settings.

3. Get the APK File

Download the desired APK file from a trusted source and take note of the save location.

4. Open the Emulator File Manager

In the emulator, open the File Manager app. Navigate to where the APK is saved on your Mac.

5. Install the APK

Tap on the APK file in the File Manager to begin installation. Accept any prompts to install the app.

Once finished, you will see the app icon in the emulator. You can now open and use it as you would on an Android device.

Tips for Running APKs on PC

Here are some additional tips for a smooth experience installing and running Android APKs on your computer:

  • Grant storage permissions when prompted so you can save app data.
  • Use the latest emulator version and keep it updated for best performance.
  • Clear app cache and data in emulator settings if an app is acting buggy. Reinstalling the APK can also help.
  • For gaming apps, use an emulator tailored for gaming like MEMU for best graphics and controls.
  • Can’t find the APK you want? Search “[app name] + APK” to find places to download the file.


Installing APK files on Windows or Mac takes just a few steps using an Android emulator. Following this guide, you can start opening Android apps on your computer even if they are not available on the Play Store. Sideloading APKs gives you more control over customizing your experience. Just be sure to only install apps from trusted sources. With a good emulator set up, you’ll be able to enjoy even more of your favorite mobile apps on the big screen.

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